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Hydraulic Orbital Motors

By Susi | Published on Dec 03,2015

The low speed Hydraulic motors (Geroler) are rotary hydrostatic motors with internal gearing and planetar movement of the runner. It converts the hydraulic energy in mechanical energy. The hydraulic motors are used for carrying-away implements and machines like: agricultural machines, hoinsting and transporting machines, implements and machines for the light industry, forestry industry, naval implements on deck, machine-tools, etc.

The motors can be used with:

internal drainage = if the return is lower than 3 bar - the drain line is shut off.

external drainage - if the return is 3-50 bar = the orifice is settled by piping

Vg = 50 - 375 cm3/rev

Max. Press. Drop = 175 bar

M nom max = 10- 39 daNm

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