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A new integrated hydraulic motor from Bonfiglioli for compact track loader drives: the new 700CT Ser

By Susi | Published on Dec 03,2015

Munich, 29 January 2013 – Bonfiglioli boasts many years of experience in compact track loader drives. The Bonfiglioli Trasmital solution adopted by various leading international players is universally appreciated for its high performance and amazing reliability. Bonfiglioli offers drive solutions for compact track loaders of over 5 tons in weight and with engines developing over 80 kW.

The latest development for this application is to be presented at this year’s Bauma exhibition: the sector’s most acclaimed travel drive gearbox has now been coupled with a new, integrated hydraulic motor. Because it has also been developed by Bonfiglioli, the new hydraulic motor guarantees total compatibility with the previous 700CK Series in closed circuit applications. The new product has exactly the same chassis side and sprocket side dimensions and therefore does not force machine constructors to change the design of their present gearmotor drive train interface. Compared to conventional drives, however, the new hydraulic motor drive offers improved performance in terms of power transmission and reliability.

The new product series is available in sizes 702CT, 704CT, 705CT, 706CT, all designed for maximum gearmotor reliability. The new hydraulic motors have been fully integrated by Bonfiglioli, and combine the Italian manufacturer’s long experience in drive applications with the acclaimed cylinder block technology of a global name in hydraulic components. They also incorporate an impressive number of design improvements, including the following:
- The speed sensor is now located in a safer, more protected position to avoid damage and malfunctioning; this in turn improves machine safety and manoeuvrability.
- An internal full flushing system provides improved cooling for gearmotor components, extending service life and reducing fluctuations in machine performance.
- An innovative parking brake increases travel drive efficiency by drastically reducing the power dissipated at all speeds of travel.
- The hydraulic motor’s cylinder block is developed and made by Sauer-Danfoss, a leading name in hydraulic components. The block has been specially tailored to meet the needs of the application and, together with the previous innovation, enables the new drive to offer overall efficiency levels among the best in the sector. On the machine, this means unprecedented speed, traction and responsiveness in manoeuvring.
- The ability to obtain different control port and hydraulic motor oil inlet and outlet configurations from the same casting keeps installation simple and maximises production flexibility.

Andrea Torcelli, R&D Manager at Bonfiglioli Trasmital, explains the philosophy behind the project: “Developing complete ‘turnkey’ systems for key account customers is a major challenge. This is nevertheless how Bonfiglioli interprets our service to customers. The main objective of our development process is therefore to offer leading machine manufacturers the benefit of Trasmital’s unique know-how, and to develop fully integrated solutions that offer the highest levels of performance, efficiency and reliability. Manufacturers are turning to us for solutions to specific needs rather than simple products. And that is exactly what we are giving them.”

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