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LCM-160-6 induction motor

By Susi | Published on Dec 03,2015


LCM-160-6 is a 6 pole liquid cooled induction motor designed for high power applications in pure electric and hybrid vehicles.

There are 2 versions of the motor — LCM-160-6-100 is designed for low speed inline shaft hybrid operation. LCM-160-6-250 is designed for pure EV high power applications.

LCM-160-6 can be used with EDS-90, IDS-70 and other induction motor controllers.

LCM-160-6 features:

> Advanced liquid cooling

> Integrated hall and temperature sensors

> 2 Way shaft for hybrid operation

> 2 versions available 100 kW and 250 kW

> From 150V to 350V battery voltage

> 91 kg + 2 kg cooling liquid

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