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Sevcon Introduces GEN5 AC Motor Controller for On-Road Applications

By Emma | Published on Nov 02,2015

Sevcon, electric motor controller supplier for a growing number of electric vehicles, announced a new generation of its flagship product – GEN5 AC motor controller.

This is a high-voltage (up to 800 V), high-power (up to 150 kW at Size 9) controller designed for on-road applications.

The flexible GEN5 on-road controller is exceptionally easy for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and drive-train integrators to incorporate in their designs. Hardware installation requires only 15 minutes and the vehicle can be configured and driven within 1 hour. Communications protocols can be quickly modified to suit manufacturer requirements. In addition, OEM intellectual property is secure and protected. The controller will support user-specific code that can be programmed in the controller with direct access to motor, system, or communication parameters, providing the ability to easily differentiate vehicle functionality.

The GEN5 on-road motor controller is housed in a lightweight metal enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments. Its compact dimensions facilitate installation in crowded motor environments.”

12 vehicle manufacturers already got GEN5 prototypes for testing, while deliveries worldwide will begin in early 2016.

More on the product here on the special GEN5 website.

Sevcon Group Product Manager Stephen Chilton said:

The GEN5 on-road controller was built without compromise to satisfy the growing technical demands of electric and hybrid on-road vehicles. People do not want to drive on the highway at 60 mph in a vehicle using a modified fork lift controller. Our technology is designed from the ground-up to ensure maximum functional safety in on-road vehicle applications. The GEN5 controller is available with ISO26262 ASIL C certification that assures the product contains the state-of-the-art functional safety demanded by on-road vehicle manufacturers.”

We look forward to introducing innovative GEN5 solutions for on-road, off-road, and industrial markets that will set new standards for cost effectiveness, emissions reduction, and performance.”

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