Mount a Trolling Motor on a KAYAK

By Shaquila | Published on Oct 09,2015

The below figure is a simple clamp mount of an electric trolling motor for W500 fishing kayak:

Motor Mount Safety Device:

For escaping the motor from hitting an underwater as an obstacle, to mount the vertical part of the motor on a hinge as the below figure shows is a necessity. When it bounce up, it would help to avoid possible damage to it.

The following content shows you how Gary mounted an electric trolling motor on his W500 fishing kayak:

1. Clamp-on motor mount It is a convenient way. Gary chose to make this motor mount from Oak wood. For avoiding any accidents - motor bumps into an underwater obstacle, the vertical part, which the motor is attached, would be hinged,

2. What balances the kayak without reducing its stability is that the electric trolling motor mounted on the W500 kayak, the motor is mounted on one side of the kayak, and the battery is placed at the bottom of the opposite hull. Hence, that

3.Detail: Motor mount clamp: All metal components are not costly, off-the-shelf products found in any hardware store.

4. Electric trolling motor setup General view: With this propeller shaft length, Gary can troll both seated and standing up. Since the W500 kayak is totally symmetrical front and end, Gary can troll with the motor either in the front, or in the back.

The following link address shows you how to mount a trolling motor on a KAYAK:


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