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200VAC~630VAC Polypropylene Film Capacitor (Compressor Motor Capacitors)

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  • Phase:
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Payment Terms:
  • Output Power:
  • Usage:
  • Voltage:200VAC~630VAC
Product Description

Basic Info.

  • Phase:
  • Frequency:50/60Hz
  • Payment Terms:
  • Output Power:
  • Usage:
  • Voltage:200VAC~630VAC
  • Speed:
  • Application:Air Conditioner
  • Type:Polypropylene Film Capacitor
  • Brand Name:HERO
  • Model Number:CBB65 air compressor capacitor
  • Place of Origin:Anhui, China (Mainland)
  • Rated Voltage:200VAC~630VAC
  • Capacitance:2~120uF
  • Operating Temperature:40/70/21
  • Package Type:Through Hole
  • Class of safety protection:P1, P2
  • Operating frequency:50/60Hz
  • Insulation resistance:>=3000s
  • Life expectancy:Class A,Class B(10000h) ,Class C(3000h)
  • lead out:wire or tabs
  • Endurable voltage:1.75Un/2.0Un
  • China manufacturer:Anhui HERO Electronic Sci&Tec Co.,Ltd.
  • Capacitance deviatio:±5%
  • Dissipation factor of ac run capacitor:0.002(1KHz)
  • Safter:safer with Anti-explosion design

    Product Description.

  • Specifications 1,Self-healing property.
    2,High stability and reliability.
    3,ISO9001,CQC approved
    4,CBB65 Air Conditioner Capacitor


    Product Description

    HERO  Brand CBB65 10uF 370VAC  P2  motor run   air conditioner aluminum shell capacitor Alibaba China  with CQC&ISO9001 approval   

    (((HERO brand 450VAC 30uF run motor film capacitor for air conditioner)))



    1,Widely applied to sta.rting and running of AC single phase motors at 50Hz/60Hz frequency power.


    2,Self-healing property.


    3,High stability and reliability.




    Reference standards


    Climatic category


    Class of operation

    Class B(10000h) Class C(3000h)

    Class of safety protection


    Voltage range


    Capacitance range


    Capacitance tolerance


    Dissipation factor


    Test voltage terminal to terminal UTT  

    2Un for 2 seconds

    Test voltage terminal to case UTC

    (2Un+1000)VAC or 2000VAC-50Hz for 60 seconds

    Insulation Resistance




    Capacitor CBB66/CBB65/CBB60/CBB61 AC metallized polypropylene film Capacitor


    The product is equipped inside with reliable explosion-proof equipment and is highly safe. With its good self-healing characteristic and long life-span, it is widely used for air-conditioners, refrigerators, generators, compressor, etc.. 
    Working Temperature Range climate types: 40/70/21 
    Rated Voltage Range :110Vac,250Vac, 300Vac, 370Vac, 440Vac ,450vac,480vac,500vac,550vac,600vac,630vac
    Rated Capacitance Range 0.7-120uF 
    Dissipation Factor Tan ≤ 0.002 (50Hz) 
    Rated Tolerance of capacitance 5% 10% 
    Testing Voltage between leading-out ends: 1.75UR 10S no break down 
    Insulation resistance between leading-out ends: 3000

    Dimensional specification (mm):

    Rated voltage(VAC)

    Nominal capacitance(μF)








    25+5, 30+5, 35+5, 50+5, 60+5, 70+5, 80+5…








    Company Information


    Anhui HERO Electronic Science and technology Co., Ltd. the predecessor was founded in March 2001, which is set research and development, production, sales as one of the metalized film capacitor professional manufacturer, to focus on the development of new energy power electronic capacitors. In March 2014, Anhui HERO invests 10 million Yuan in Tai Xiang Industrial Park,Tongling city, China, which sets up a new production line of special power electronic capacitors. The introduction of various types of imported and automation equipment is respected in international industry, investing heavily in introduction of advanced testing and equipment, and constructing product developing center, technology research center and laboratory testing center, to further improve the detection and R & D capabilities.


    In the “first-class film capacitors supplier” enterprise goal, Anhui HERO full implement the ISO9001 (International quality management system) and ISO14001 (International environmental management system). Currently products have covered various series of AC and DC capacitors, applied in electric locomotives, power-saving equipment, and new energy automotive battery module, new energy power generation devices, smart grid power transmission equipment’s filter, and compensation capacitor focus on supporting enterprises.


    Anhui HERO main production of various series of film capacitor including: DC-LINK Series capacitor, AC filter capacitor, high voltage absorbed capacitor, MFO, MFD Series of pulse and filter capacitors, BSMJ,BCMJ,BZMJ Series of low voltage compensation capacitors, and CBB65,CBB60, CBB60L Series start capacitor apply in home electric equipment.


    Company unites a group of entrepreneurs with the same values, has a strong sense of innovation and struggle will, the pursuit of "humane, information, refined" management concept, and film capacitors industry is unique in country. Anhui HERO emphasis on R&D, especially reflect in new energy sources, hybrid vehicles and other alternative electrolytic capacitor product development, and access the innovation fund support of Chinese Ministry of Science, which protects the company’s rapid growth in the future.



    Packaging & Shipping

       HERO Brand CBB65 10uF 370VAC P2 motor run air conditioner aluminum shell capacitor Alibaba China with CQC&ISO9001 approval


    1.As a national hightech enterprise,we have 15 years exprience in capacitor industry, we have a team of professional designers who are well versed in the R&Dand QUALITY CONTROL.


    2.To ensure the product quality and consistency,we have obtained the ISO 9001 quality system certificate and CQC product certificate.


    3.We have modern factories and purification plant,the world firstclass production equipment and the technical team consisted of a number of experts.


    We are committed to the first-class brand, provide high quality product for you, please contact me anytime. 









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