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6v Other 50m Free-run Gear Motor,permanent (Toy Motors And Gears) for Home Appliance,electric Lock

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1000/pieces(Min. Order)

  • Phase:
  • Frequency:
  • Payment Terms:
  • Output Power:Other
  • Usage:Home Appliance,electric Lock
  • Voltage:6v
Product Description

Basic Info.

  • Phase:
  • Frequency:
  • Payment Terms:
  • Output Power:Other
  • Usage:Home Appliance,electric Lock
  • Voltage:6v
  • Speed:
  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Kinmore
  • Model Number:Km-12fn20-298-0650
  • Type:Gear Motor,permanent
  • Certification:Rohs
  • Protect Feature:None
  • Efficiency:Ie 1
  • Load
  • Commutation:Brush
  • Construction:Permanent Magnet
  • Voltage(v):6v
  • Continuous Current(a):40ma Max No Load
  • Speed(rpm):50m Free-run
  • Weight:~10g
  • Rotation:Ccw/cw Reversible
  • Gearbox:12mm Exposed Square Shape
  • Option:Shaft Length And D-shape
  • Certificate:Rohs
  • Lubrication:Grease Filled
  • Gears:Metal Spur Gears
  • Standard:Rohs Compliance
  • Brush:Precious Metal Brushed Motor

    Product Description.

  •  Mni electric gear toy motor 6v  


    1.1.Motor Size:L24.2*W10.0*H12.0mm

    1.2.Motor Position: To be measured with motor horizontally held.

    1.3.Environmental temperature: +5°C~+35°C

    1.4.Environmental humidity: 40%~85%RH






            1.1.Rated voltage:                    6  V DC
            1.2.Motor Position:                   To be measured with motor horizontally held.
            1.3.Environmental temperature:+5°C~+35°C
            1.4.Environmental humidity:40%~85%RH.
            1.5.Staring Valtage:                  ≤ 0.8 V
    2.ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (At initial stage after 30 seconds run-in):
            2.1.At No load
                 2.1.1.Speed:                     50 ±10% rpm
                 2.1.2.Current:                   ≤ 40 mA
            2.2.At On load
                 2.2.1.Torque:                    300
                 2.2.2.Speed:                     44 ±10% rpm
                 2.2.3.Current:                   ≤ 110 mA
            2.3.At Stall
                 2.3.1.Torque:                    ≥ 1800
                 2.3.2.Current:                   ≤ 600 mA
            2.4.Direction of Rotation:       CW     (Clockwise when viewing from the output shaft end with 
            positive voltage applied to positive terminal.)


              3.1.Dimension drawing: See<OUTLINE>.
            3.2.End Play: 0.05~0.45 mm.
            3.3.Operating Temperture:  -10°C ~ +60°C


    More models for reference: 


    RatioModel No.VoltageNo Load On Load
    Unit Conversion:≈0.098mN.m≈   1mm=0.039in   1g=0.035oz


    Remark: The above technical data are only for reference, which can be customized according to different requirements after evaluation.




    -Coffee machine

    -Corless Drill


    -Electric lock






    Learn More About us:

    1. Our main products: Dia6~52mm DC Micro Motor and Gear Motor

    Auto dc motor, Electric motor, Gear Motor, DC Motor, Brush DC motor, Spur Gear motor, Micro Motor, Vibration motor etc.

    2. Products size range: Diameter: 6-52mm

    3. DC Voltage range: 1.5V -42V

      AC rectify: 100V, 110V, 220V, 230V, 240V etc.

    4. Speed range: 1 RPM-30,000RPM

    5. Stall torque:

    6. Application: Home appliance, Power Tools, Toys & Model, Precision Instrument, Office equipment, Personal care product, Automotive, Audio& Visual equipment etc.


    Constructions of Motor:

    --2-pole stator

    --Sr Ferrite Permanent Magnet

    --3,5,7,8,9,12 Slots Armature

    --Silicon-steel Lamination with Epoxy Coating

    --High-Carbon Steel Shaft

    --Cu-Ag Alloys Commutator

    --Copper-graphite Brushes

    --Be-Cu Leaf-brush Commutating System

    --SECD Round/Flat Shape Housing

    --SECD End Cap/PA66+Fiber End Cap

    --Cylinder (Self-aligning) Sintered Bush

    --155 degree(Class F) Copper wire


    Customization Options:

    --OEM and customization are available

    --ROHS Directive-compliant

    --Ball Bearing in Output Side

    --EMI Suppression

    --Low-Cogging Design

    --High Degree of Protection

    --Small Mechnical Time Constant

    --Resist Intense Vibrations

    --Zero Axial Gap

    --Low noise Design

    --Fast Response(Small Tm)

    --High Torque at a Low Speed

    --PTC Protection

    --Penolic Resin Base Commutator

    --Epoxy Coating Armature

    --Light Weight and Long life




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